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Podiatric or podiatry instruments are widely used for removing callous & corns, nail trimming, nail cutting, & corn shaving and in many other podiatric surgeries (structural deformities of foot and ankle including hammertoes, bunions, flat feet, bone spurs, and high arches, heel pain, arthrosis, Joint degeneration, congenital deformities, and nerve entrapment). Thus, help the podiatrists in managing hand and foot care. These podiatric instruments include a comprehensive offering of nail nipper, splitter, cuticle nipper, nail scissors, curettes, chisels, Platypus Nail Pulling Forceps, Finger Nail Drill, Probe & Packer, biopsy instruments, care, and cleaning products. The tool kit of podiatry instruments comes in a variety of instruments to accommodate the professionals in hand and foot care. They are crafted from high-grade German surgical stainless material that makes them more durable. The material is rustproof and lightweight.

Types Of Podiatry Instruments

Nail nipper

Nail nipper is an ideal manicure and pedicure tool widely used to trim fingernails, hangnails, and toenails. The unique design of this tool allows easy gripping while trimming and cutting. It comes in multiple sizes to accommodate the user in a wide range of podiatry approaches. It is crafted from premium grade German surgical stainless material.

Nail Splitting Forceps

Nail Splitting Forceps are widely used in the treatment of ingrown nails to make longitudinal cuts in toenails. Some variations feature an English anvil pattern along with delicate straight jaws and double spring that allow strong grasping and cutting. Some forceps come with a long delicate jaw, tapered jaw, heavy jaw, or narrow jaw. The delicate design is best for splitting ingrown nails.

Soft Corn Spoon Knife

Soft Corn Spoon Knife is an incredible instrument and is widely used in podiatry for corn's removal from the feet. This spoon knife comes with multiple variations to accommodate the healthcare provider in a range of medical approaches. It features a long handle with a sharp blade that aids podiatrists during podiatry approaches.

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